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PDF 2 Speech App

iPDF 2 Speech is universal application that helps mobile user to read PDF, emails, SMS and web contents using TTS Engine,

It is really useful application for
·        Students to repeat the syllabus during exam time.
·        All professionals to read official PDF document on iOS Devices thru speech while driving car.
·        Low visional people
·        Story reader to listen story while travelling without looking at the screen

Application is based on flite TTS Engine supporting speed, pitch reading.

·        Reads PDF files on the fly without storing audio files
·        Speech setting with different speed and pitch.
·        Download PDF files from  HTTP server / Web DAV Server
·        PDF File management, saving recently downloaded PDF, Deleting old PDF, View PDF files saved in the app.
·        Zooming in /Out PDF Files
·        Directly Jumping to Any Pages
·        Navigation page by page
·        Displaying current page information on the Player
·        Provision to read Text content copied from Email/Web pages, other documents etc.
·        Help about how to use application.

Best Usage:

Convert any .txt .doc, eBooks, .rtf and other files to PDF using available on line tools and put the converted PDF files on the APP to speak it for you while doing other task like traveling, Driving etc.

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