How to download PDF files on App ?

You can type http URL on the address bar on PDF page, start search button to download PDF document, currnet document would be replaced with the new once after downloading is completed. This document would not be saved until save button is clicked.

In the WebDav section, enter proper credentials to webdav server , it would lists out all available files in table view. App offers you to save only PDF files from WebDav server.

How to replay PDF page which has read already?

Once page speaking is completed, click 'play' button to stop playing, close the player control view.
Click on Speaker button on the tab bar control.

How to skip some pages in between while speaking current page ?

Say current reading page is 2, if you want to jump to page 10 after completing 2nd page, you jump to 9th page. Trick here is to jump speaking Nth page we need to locate (n-1) page.